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Video, Sound Design

With zoom-ins and zoom-outs on ordinary events,

I tried to express the perception that we are part of something that continues to cycle with or without us.

Yoel Hoffman’s text from his book “Moods” starts with the fall of noodles on the kitchen floor, then moves on to Siberian trees. From there it goes on to hills and mountains, and then to space and stars, before circling back to the noodles.
This film expresses the repetition of things in life in different ways, in both a micro and macro, which I visualized in two ways;
One is with original footage, all of which I filmed in my apartment.
The second uses found-footage from the Prelinger archive that I edited into the original footage.
The self-generated footage is all in color, while the archial footage is all in black and white. The footage I shot myself express the micro while the found footage expresses the macro.
The film begins with a colorful, private horizon of the brandy bottle, and ends in an endless black- and-white horizon of the sea.
The panoramic format emphasizes the visual search between different events and the similarity between them. It gives a wide panoramic view on small events. The wide format forces the viewer to focus on something small within the great event, an action that simulates the subject of the film.


Text from the book "Moods" by Yoel Hoffman

Archival video footages from Prelinger Archive

Voice by Michal Tamari 
Video photography, editing and sound design by me.

The film was produced during a student exchange at the Universität der Künste Berlin.

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